September 2017 News

Welcome to the first edition of A Newsletter from Garden Connect. You will find the latest news from Garden Connect and some helpful tips in your plant journey and interesting facts. Enjoy... 


Featured Product for the Month of September - 
A Pot of Tea

Take up to six leaves of either Peppermint & Lemon Balm or the flowers of the chamomile infuse for 5 mins and strain for a relaxing tea.   
From $25.00



Very excited to announce the first of many Kokedama workshops. To book select the button below. 


Botany at a Glance

Ever wanted to know what those botanical names of plants mean it is very interesting and something I love knowing. I can't tell them all at once so I thought I would give one each month. The first being one of my favourite ground cover's which is low maintenance and can be used in low walk areas instead of grass. Dichondra repens... 'Repens' means with a creeping habit. 


Regular Products introduced throughout this Month -
Devil Ivy Kokedama

The very popular Devils Ivy which makes a very impressive hanging plant or looks just as good placed on a high shelf to hang down. 
From $25.00


Archie Photo bombing again...

Among the beautiful spring colour of Chorizema cordatum (Flame Pea)

Gardening tip of the Month

Most indoor plants only need watering when the top 1-2 cm of soil is dry - get to know your indoor plant's needs instead of watering to a timetable. 

Market Venues & Dates

Garden Connect will be attending the following Markets... 
15th October 2017 - Stirling Square Market Guilford
20th October 2017 - Kalamunda Night Markets
22nd October 2017 - Riverside Ramble > A Day of Discovery, Reg Bond Reserve, Bernly Drive, Viveash