October 2017 News

Welcome to the October Newsletter. Busy times now that Christmas is just around the corner. October is full of activity with three Markets & the first Garden Connect Kokedama Workshop on the 28th. Wouldn't have it any other way. Enjoy... 


Featured Product for the Month of October - 
Bring the Outside In

Improve well-being & clean the air with these potted ready to go combinations   
From $20.00



Confirming the Kokedama Workshop on Saturday the 28th. La-belle sweets Perth will be catering. Book now for a fun afternoon making your very own Kokedama. 


Botany at a Glance

Romarinus officinalis Common Rosemary A very useful plant for culinary or medicinal purposes. A great friendly companion when planted near sage as both herbs will stimulate each other's growth and strengthen the taste. Rosemary is believed to repel mosquit's as well. One tablespoon of fresh rosemary + one teaspoon of dried rosemary.  'officinalis' from the apothecaries of medieval GP - sold in shops, hence denoting a useful plant


Regular Products introduced throughout this Month -
Palour Palm

The dainty Palour Palm brings the inside a real tropical vibe. Performs well as a Kokedama

Pets & Plants

As much as I love to have plants inside my home there are a few I need to keep out of reach of Archie & cat as they are somewhat poisonous to animals should they ingest them. Here is a small list of plants that I keep out of reach. 
String of Pearls, Devils Ivy, Dieffenbachia, Strrelitezia 'Bird of Paradise' Aloe's & the Peace Lily

Gardening tip of the Month

Increasing humidity.
Most indoor plants need more humidity than is available,but some rooms, such as bathrooms & kitchens are more humid than others. To create humidity fill a tray or dish that is the same width as the plant with pebbles or gravel. Pour in water, keeping the level at just below the top of the pebbles. Then place your plant to top. The water will produce humidity as it evaporates. Alternatively, mist the leaves of your plant using a hand mister. Mist in the morning, so the leaves dry before night. Look for signs that your plant needs humidity, such as brown leaf tips. 

Market Venues & Dates

Garden Connect will be attending the following Markets... 
20th October 2017 - Kalamunda Night Markets
22nd October 2017 - Riverside Ramble > A Day of Discovery, Reg Bond Reserve, Bernly Drive, Viveash
25th November 2017 - South Perth Christmas Markets