November 2017 News

Welcome to the November Newsletter it is all about helping you find that unique gift for someone special and a little news. Garden Connect had some great firsts this month with making Donations to the Type 1 Diabetes Annual JDRF walk & attended a Business Exp with the percentage of sales going to the Perkins Medical Research. A big thank you to all that came along to each event & donated. Enjoy.. 

Peace lily.jpg

Kokedama all dressed to impress this Christmas
A variety of indoors plants available
From $35.00 includes decorations

Featured product for the Month of November

able centre pieces featuring water wise succulents, made local using recycled timber.
A selection of succulents that are slow growing which only need a little bit of water each week & best of all are low maintenance. Small approx. 35 cm x 18 cm $55.00 Large approx. 48 cm x 14 cm $70.00


Botany at a Glance
Aeonium arboreum

The Aeonium succulent forms a beautiful rosette and are available in several varieties. The centre leaves are the new growth, and as the rosettes ages, the oldest leaves wither and falll off. The Kokedama pictured is liking its new home and is growing well in a bright indoor position. Twice a week it receives some morning sun for a few hours. priced from $20.00 with coaster. 
The name Aeonium comes from the ancient Greek work aionos, for "ageless" while arboreum means "tree-like", from the Latin word for tree, arbor. 


Gardening tip of the Month

Re-potting your potted plant
Let your potted plant do it's thing if its happy, healthy & growing - there is no need to stress it out by re-potting. Though if it not looking the best it may need re-potting, this can be achieved by up sizing the pot or by reducing the root ball if using the same pot. Overtime the nutrients in the soil will be consumed and the soil will need replenishing. Soak the plant in a seasol solution to help with the stress of re-potting before filling the pot with the soil mixture. For an indoor plant I mix a good quality potting mix with 1/4 of peat moss. 

Market Venues & Dates 

Garden Connect will be attending the following Markets
Kalamunda Night Markets Friday 15th December 2017
Stirling Street Markets - Guildford Sunday 17th December 2017