A Winter Newsletter

June 2018

At this time of year the air can become too dry from using heaters and cold rooms are not ideal for our indoor plants as most indoor plants prefer a humid warm environment. When plants are not liking their environment you might see brown leaf tips, or brown leaf tips can caused by under-watering or if soft the plant is being over-watered. I find the following helps plants over-come these winter blues:

  • Create a plant gang by grouping a few plants together as they will assist each other in creating humidity.

  • Water when the top 1 cm of soil has dried.

  • Indoor plants will benefit from a misting of water on the foliage in the morning should they be in a heated room.

To remove those annoying black little fly's I use a made up solution of Neem Oil and spray this on the top level of the soil. Neem Oil is also great for removing dust from plant leaves and giving the leaf a great clean shine, plus Neem Oil will protect the plant against meally bugs. 

A Winter Project 

Covering a Terracotta Pot with Material 

  1. To seal the pot I applied a solution of 1 part Bondcrete to 6 parts water.

  2. When the Bondcrete had dried I worked the material around the pot by glueing and smoothing out the material around the pot with a glue mixture of 1 part PVA glue with 2 parts water.

  3. For more instructions I watched several Youtube videos on how to measure the material, plus the videos are also easy to follow and watch on how to work the material.

Bond Crete picture.jpg
Four pot picture.jpg

Hardy Fern Kokedams's
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