Garden Connect 'Back in Perth'

May 2019

Now back and operating in Perth. Where have I been you might ask? Well my husband’s business took us to Brisbane and I have been living there since August 2018. At the time I was pretty excited for a new adventure and thought that I could just carry on as usual with my little business. I knew it might not be easy, I was willing to give it a good shot though it just didn’t quite work out. Brisbane is a lot different in so many ways and I found that I just didn’t want to start all over again. So one day when sitting in the garden in our rented Queenslander home enjoying the barmy weather I decided that I would rekindle my creative side and learn how to sew, learn more crochet techniques & make new macrame pieces. By getting out and attending workshops I met great people and seen a lot of Brisbane. I found myself learning new things that I could never find time to do before. Recently my husband’s travel changed and he was travelling back to Perth more, so this made the decision for me to return back to Perth. So here I am wanting to share and hope to bring you the sense of joy in learning a new skill as I have. You will find below how super excited I am to let you know of my new products, new workshops and Market news. Enjoy!!

Crochet cover pots

Available in variety of colours and designs, look for them at the next market

Pink Crochet Basket with pink Gerbera.png
Navy and white with handles rojo congo 12th Oct 18.png

Workshops by Garden Connect

at Victoria Park Art Center

These workshops ensure a hands on learning experience, but more importantly a focus on having fun. In a workshop of 5 or less, each participant will have the opportunity of completing a project. You don’t even have to worry about buying the materials beforehand, it’ all exclusive. A small refreshment is also included. Children 12 or over are welcome.

Bookings are taken via email.

Macrame Workshop

Macrame Workshops are held on the third Saturday of every month at 2.00pm to 5.00pm. We will cover a range of traditional knots to create your very own macrame piece. First class i on the 20th of July 2019. Cost $90.00 per class.

Macrame 1.jpg

Beginners Crochet Workshop

Never crocheted before? Then this is the class for you. You will learn basic skills including, chain, double crochet, half treble & treble stitches and will be introduced to reading crochet patterns & charts. Classes are held on the 1st Tuesday of every month 9.30am to 12.30pm. First class is on the 2nd of July 2019. Cost $45.00 per class.

Garden Connect will be attending the following Markets


Once off Kokedama Workshop’s will be held in the Fourth term this year - dates will be posted via social media and updated in the newsletter.

Decor’s Self-watering pots

New colours have been ordered and on their way!!

Decor’s Self-watering pots  New colours have been ordered and on their way!!

Botanical Pillows

Brighten up the bed or a lounge with your favourite Botanical pillow. Available at the next Market.


Indoor & Outdoor Kokedama

Available from $25.00 each

Kokedama May newsletter.jpg

Hardy Fern Kokedama’s

These little fern Kokedama’s are perfect for the bathroom. $25.00 each.

Fern Kokedamas.jpg

Old favourites

In Production - love this photo

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A Winter Newsletter

June 2018

At this time of year the air can become too dry from using heaters and cold rooms are not ideal for our indoor plants as most indoor plants prefer a humid warm environment. When plants are not liking their environment you might see brown leaf tips, or brown leaf tips can caused by under-watering or if soft the plant is being over-watered. I find the following helps plants over-come these winter blues:

  • Create a plant gang by grouping a few plants together as they will assist each other in creating humidity.

  • Water when the top 1 cm of soil has dried.

  • Indoor plants will benefit from a misting of water on the foliage in the morning should they be in a heated room.

To remove those annoying black little fly's I use a made up solution of Neem Oil and spray this on the top level of the soil. Neem Oil is also great for removing dust from plant leaves and giving the leaf a great clean shine, plus Neem Oil will protect the plant against meally bugs. 

A Winter Project 

Covering a Terracotta Pot with Material 

  1. To seal the pot I applied a solution of 1 part Bondcrete to 6 parts water.

  2. When the Bondcrete had dried I worked the material around the pot by glueing and smoothing out the material around the pot with a glue mixture of 1 part PVA glue with 2 parts water.

  3. For more instructions I watched several Youtube videos on how to measure the material, plus the videos are also easy to follow and watch on how to work the material.

Bond Crete picture.jpg
Four pot picture.jpg

Hardy Fern Kokedams's
Priced from $25.00

Market Venues & Dates 

Garden Connect will be attending the following Markets

November 2017 News

Welcome to the November Newsletter it is all about helping you find that unique gift for someone special and a little news.
Garden Connect had some great firsts this month with making Donations to the Type 1 Diabetes Annual JDRF walk & attended a Business Expo with the percentage of sales going to the Perkins Medical Research. A big thank you to all that came along to each event & donated. 

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